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No Longer in the Safe Space

I can no longer live in the safe space, it is not safe at all.

It was only Fear that trapped me there and tricked me into staying

With steady dripping words of terror in my ear

Covering my eyes and turning everything to grey

But then Love came and stopped me in my fumbling

To sit me down and lift the blindfold…

For a time I was vulnerable to the intensity of Life

I needed shielding as my eyes adjusted to the Light…

So Love found a quieter place and led me there

And as I walked away the shadows shouted at my back

and clutched at any part of me that they could reach.

But Love looked into my eyes all the way deep to my soul

And I saw the shadows were nothing in the Light of Love.

They came from a small and shrinking place,

that one day would be gone forever, only ever in the mind.

While I believed in Fear I could be afraid,

with the world my enemy, and I no match for it.

Now I believe in Love and I am Beloved,

And the universe is my delight.



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Peace is wandering about …

Peace is wandering about my heart and kissing the flowers that grow there.


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April 23, 2012 · 8:24 pm

I Have Found The Way

I have found the way Dear One, come and join me!

Leave what you know behind it has nothing more for you

It has brought you to the edge of darkness

Now step into the light

I weep for you in the darkness, in the nightmare

Tears run down my face… If only you would wake

I know you cannot see, but can you hear me calling?

Somewhere in the distance.. Can you hear?

Can you feel me trying to wake you up?

This is Love Dear One, this is Love

There is Life and Love on the other side

I have found the way…

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There are many ways the rain can fall…

There are many ways the rain can fall… but if I were to choose one way to leave the sky, and touch down on solid ground, it would be as a snowflake: floating gently and alighting with a kiss.

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April 22, 2012 · 4:31 pm

Love is…

Love is… the most powerful force in the universe… constantly driving the creation, expression and process of Life.

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April 22, 2012 · 4:14 pm

How True it is that we fall in Love

How true it is that we fall in Love with another…

We fall into Love with another

We experience Love with another

But the object is Love… not the other.

Love is its Own ~ and it is Love that draws us…

Love is the Goal, the Delight we seek…

Imprinted on our Being so we will stay on the quest

Another can take us closer to Love, deeper into Love, and together we can drink of Love,

But how confused we become

when we imagine the Other as the goal and source of Love…

It is a burden too much, fraught with disappointment

we may wallow in pain if we mistake the Other for the Lover…

For the Other may leave or be lost, let us down, or lose touch…

But the Lover is always there.

and will make a way to reach us, touch us and draw us again.

Love will find you, and enfold you …

If you will be found.

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Lost for a moment…

Just for a moment
I forgot You were there,

I lost touch…
And imagined You lost to me forever,

Alone with the ache…
For a moment ~ an hour ~ a day…?

The echo resounding
came back to remind me:

Peacefully wait, Quietly know ~
Love will find me again.

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