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Chasing Love

As I left the house yesterday morning I saw in the sky a most captivating rainbow:  bright, clear, shining in the mottled grey and blue. Branches of wintery trees cluttered the view beautifully, but roads and houses and power lines also stood in the way.

Suddenly I was compelled to follow it…  Compelled..  Determined.. Gripped with intention.. As one is whenever stopped by a vision of something so beautiful it takes your breath away.

The moment, the vision, it calls to you – it calls to All of you. It breaks through the haziness of living with such clarity.. displaying the Reality of what Life is about so clearly you can only wake up from the daze.

So… I sped off in my little car, darting through the narrow roads in search of a better spot to stand and gaze and drink in the wonder.

I knew what I was looking for: A view unspoiled by stark brick walls or barbed fences, a higher place, a quieter place.

As I drove I kept looking up at the sky, as the foreground was constantly shifting,  I kept getting a new angle and perspective on the brilliance that drew me. And each time the colours shone through I would gasp or sigh.. and make all kinds of delighted little noises to accompany the radiance on my face.

The rainbow was at a constant point in the sky, while I twisted and turned in my path to get to it… Some times I would drive straight towards it – colours shining through the top of my windscreen, sometimes it would peek through my side window, and some times I had  to turn my back to it… simply because this was how the roads ran…

Now and again I took a wrong turn because I was thinking more about the rainbow than the road map! But nothing changed the vision in my mind of what I was looking for and where I was headed until I found that spot… where I could finally stop and be still.

And it was glorious.

This is My Love calling me, drawing me with delight,  bathing me in the essence of Life, reminding me not to forget.. this Promise.



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Escaping the Current

Recently a dear friend told me of the time she nearly drowned. The story struck a chord in me and I wanted to capture the elements that stood out…

She had tumbled from her canoe she found herself caught in the full force of the river, sucked under and into the powerful current. From the surface she had not realised how strong it was because she had watched others pull themselves out of its flow. But now, beneath the surface, she would fight it for her life.

Struggling for breath she mustered all the strength she thought she had, to break free and push to the surface for air.
But her efforts were futile against the force that held her down and dragged her along.
And it was then she realised the men she had seen escape must have been far stronger than she.

Desperate to live, she tried again: gathering strength beyond what she knew she possessed,
to reach for air and save herself.
Still it was not enough… Her head broke the surface for only a moment before she was sucked back down again.
Sheer effort was not enough, she now knew she did not have the strength and must apply herself another way. A strategy was needed.. Instead of going up.. Maybe she could go down, get under the current, and escape that way?
But all physical and conscious efforts proved futile… And the certainty settled in her: there was no way she could get out.

Images of the life she was leaving, thoughts of how she would be remembered filled her mind..
Her life would be seen as she left it now. There was nothing to be done.

But then, as she resigned herself to the current she felt a hand reach in and grab her.. And pull her up and out.

A man had been watching the water and seen her head breaking the surface just once. Certain he seen some thing he went into the river to find her…

When her own efforts to free herself had failed.. Another’s strength pulled her from the current..
But without her struggle, she would not have been seen..

So, while all must be done to free oneself..
All shall be done to set you free.

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