In love with LOVE

To be in love with LOVE
is the Design of the Universe..
Love is the Source – of Light, of Life, of All that Is.

This Love – My Love – found me in my dream, and woke me with a kiss –
woke me to Life… and now Love calls me, draws me, meets me around every corner and showers me with delight.

This is not love as the world understands it – that is a shadow.
Love might meet me through another, but Love is no person,
my search, my dance, my delight is with Love itself –
the essence of God that embraces me in each moment I pause to notice…

This blog is inspired by my own Divine Romance with Love.
It is deeply personal and in my own limited ‘heartspeak’, the language of my soul which I am still learning… but I hope it will resonate, echo in you perhaps,
and awaken desire for your own Divine Romance.

Enjoy the Dance…


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