This One Thing I Ask of Love

This one thing I ask of Love:
Lead me to a place I can be True.

Can I pretend I do not know what I now know?
And do not see what I now see?
Can I live this life in the in-between?

Can I let go of my desire for Truth?
or I walk away from Love?

No, I can do neither..
my Being is designed to search out,
find and reflect, both Love and Truth.

Today I must find peace with the argument
between body, mind, heart
until one day they can agree.

My own mind is no guide,
and my own strength cannot lead me,
my heart may deceive me…

Only Love, the Lover of my Soul,
knows the Way to that place…

So I will wait in peace for this One Thing.



June 7, 2012 · 9:25 am

on seeking security..

“It takes courage to release the familiar & seemingly secure, to embrace the new. But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful There is more security in the adventurous & exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.” ~ Alan Cohen

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June 1, 2012 · 9:33 am

Love said to me..

…there is nothing that is not me. Be silent. ~ Rumi

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May 31, 2012 · 5:39 pm

Closer than you imagined…

Once you know what it is & where it waits Love will never be far from you, always within reach…

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May 28, 2012 · 4:41 pm

Flow of Love

The experience of Life is all about the flow of Love… And Life offers us a multitude of ways and levels through which we can experience Love…

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May 25, 2012 · 5:06 am

Let Love lead your soul… Make it a place to retire to, a kind of cave, a retreat for the deep core of being.~Rumi


May 13, 2012 · 5:19 pm

Love is More

A few thoughts come to me as I struggle with the balance of this dance

I keep tripping and losing my footing every now and then

but as I pick myself up from the dance floor this pops to mind:

Keep Love Big

I think it is when we diminish Love that the wheels come off

We are so tempted to shrink Love to fit a person

Not just tempted – we keep on doing it!

But no person can give us all we need from Love

No person can really satisfy that desire… there is aways something missing…

because Love is more… and Love is bigger, Love is everywhere.

Drink it from the quietness, from the leaf that alights on the ground, from the dew drop on the petal, from the sun filtering through the trees, from the smiles of those around you, the laughter of children, the patter of feet on the street…

Love is looking for you around every corner…

don’t miss Love reaching out to kiss you in every moment.

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