How it all Began

Love found me,

In a dream my Love found me…

but there was no room in that dream

for us to be together, to sit even awhile,

or know each other, so I left the dream

and called for Love to follow –

Then suddenly I woke up,

and I thought

my Love was gone.

I wept for my Love

for the Love in my dream…

and I tried to go back to sleep

closing my eyes as the tears fell…

Remembering the dream…

When he found me I saw in his eyes

that he KNEW he had found me.

As I laughed with my friends he watched me,

I flittered about the room full of people and noise,

and he followed me, until he was close enough to reach me

to reach out, pull me to himself, and whisper in my ear…

and as he did, in that moment I knew:

I had been waiting for my Love, and this was He,

and running from my Love, and this was He.

All I knew about myself changed in that embrace.

But now the noise was too loud and the people too many,

and I could not hear any words my Love spoke to me in that place,

I longed to share all the secrets of myself so he would know me…

So I ran off, and called him to follow, and our fingers touched

on and off as we weaved through the crowd…

My friends called to me to stop and chat and sit with them,

they reached out to grab me to keep me there –

but I laughed and smiled and waved, and blew them kisses as I ran…

I knew my friends from before, I did not know my Love.

I must know him now or I would never know myself –

I called to him to follow, I knew he would, and he did.

We found a place where there were no people

but it was strewn with litter everywhere and broken glass –

there was no place to sit, so I started to clear a space for us…

But as I did that my hands became covered in dirt and my legs were scratched.

I tried to clean the dirt from my legs and hands so I could be with my Love and touch his face

as I washed myself he watched me fretting in my anxious need to be with him…

I could hear the people coming, we had no time left – I was panicking…

they broke through the door – their hearts were happy to find me

but my heart broke. As they surrounded me

I looked to see his face…

Would I ever know my Love?

Then I woke.

I woke and wept for my Love,

There had only been that one embrace,

and the touch of our fingers through the crowd.

In my dream there was no place for us…

As I left my dream I called for Love to follow,

and it was Love that woke me up.


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